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Private World of WarCraft server club members rules

1. Follow conventions of NETIQUETTE:

Netiquette is collection of rules and conditions of decency , which should be followed in world of internet. Word NETIQUETTE is deduced from english word net (=shortcut for internet) and word etiquette.

Base rules of netiquette:

a) Don’t forget that there are people on other side, not computer. Things, that you write by computer shouldn’t be sayed to people face-to-face.

b) Follow basic rules of respectability of real life. Everything, that is unconvenient in real life is unconvenient on internet. (Mainly in case of being rude against other players)

c) Ask politely, who are you talking to. Internet is accessable to other people all over the world, and in each country, there is different moral.
Things allowed in US chat may be not allowed in Arabian, and this is applyed on all considering parties. Politics, faith and any alike problems should be dicused with maximal respect and in bounds of being polite.

d) Take care of having respect to other people. Not all of connected people have as goog internet connection as you. Some of them are connected from home and pay for it a lot. Don’t send too long messages, which may slow computer functions of other people.

e) Try to write literary. Don’t be rude, don’t publish incorrect or personal details.

f) Don’t break authorization rules.

g) Help in discussions. If someone in discusion has a problem, try to answer if you know how to solve it. Anyone can then help to you. „First listen, then write.“

h) Respect privacy of other people. If you recived message which was not meaned to be sent to you, you should delete it and send a note to author.

i) Forgive other people their mistakes. You are making some, too. Don’t laught on them and don’t be rude on them.

j) Don’t send hoaxesy. They are slowing down internet. If you recive a hoax, politely note to sender that it is not right to send these messages.

k) Don’t send spam and advertises.

2. Respect hierarchy of server powers:

Each member of GM or Admin team have power to forfeit players for aberrances by their own conscience. If you are guilty for something, you can make a protest against GM or Admin team . Protest must be written on forum to Mic-net the Administrator

3. Solving any rules colision:

Causeable colissions in Vendetta server member rules is any member suppoused to mention about them at e-mail address which he used to send on a registration form of Vendetta server membership.

In case of conflict there is following priority of rules (when lower number has higher priority than higher number):

1. Administrator Mic-net.
2. Admin team members.
3. Actually valid rules of Vendetta server members.
4. GM team members.
5. Vendetta server game rules.

4. Duties of Vendetta server members:

a) Each club member is suppoused to study Vendetta server game rules accessable on these webpages.

b) It is not allowed to advertise any other servers which are not colaborating with this server

c) In forum user profile is allowed to show only private webpages of user.

d) Keep actual and functioning e-mail address on your forum profile.

e) It is not allowed to lend your account to anyone.

5. Sanctions:

Any breaking of Vendetta server club rules
can be sanctioned by banning from club with immidiate validity. (Only club member may have game account here.)

These rules were released at 23.7.2007

Your Mic-net

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